Queer & Chill is a spicy and challenging puzzle game filled with pride flags, and lots of diversity. Play and improve your skills as you discover new and exciting ways to match people according to their sexuality. Learn, improve, and above all, be curious.


  • Party After Party: Test your match skills with more than 80 levels and challenges
  • Charming by Nature : People of all shades, sizes and colors.
  • Rainbow Celebration: Discover different gender identities and sexualities: demisexual, asexual, autosexual, pansexual, abrosexual and aromantic people will be coloring the party with their pride flags.
  • Dress Code: Unlock spicy and funny styles to dress up your parties, from Victorian underwear to furry characters and more.
  • "Do you need my help?" You can talk about gender identity, sexuality and another things with a companion to learn more about the game.




Logo & Icons

Queer & Chill Credits

Ignacio Bustos
Constanza Braxs
Irene Molina
Federico Esposito
Constanza Brax
Pablo Gauna Lynam
Franco Colman
Developers and technical support
Ignacio Bustos
Gonzalo (Alpha) Campos
Gonzalo (Omega) Escamilla
Matias Aiassa
Game Design
Ignacio Bustos